The USA - UC's Private Broadcast Network (PBN); St. Aug Global Live Stream will provide connectivity to K-12 schools across the country featuring  several resources to access courses and content for continued education.  

The solution will include 2-way video conferencing with the latest technology,  and will provide online courses, LMS services, and full on-demand content for students to review after the live classes.

The conference solutions include HD quality video conferencing and high quality audio for live classes that allow students to connect from traditional classrooms to any mobile device, their cell phone, or a PC or Mac.  

The recordings will also be available per the course pages in the LMS and will be playable on any device as well.  

Any student or faculty member  in the School District(s) will be eligible for a free video account that's assigned to Annex Institutes associated with the USA - UC's PBN.   

As School  in the Districts that participate as Early College Preparatory Institutes are authorized to freely access academic course offerings  for academic programming.  

This will provide others in the School District with access to video sessions, the capacity to record tutorial videos or local classes, facilitate  meetings with parents or students via video. ~*~



There are currently 20 decentralized education centers that serve as Annexes of Caroline Education Community International PSA .  

The annexes are strategically located throughout the state of Michigan and International; Haiti, established in affiliation with religious and civic organizations, private corporation.

The current curriculum is competency centered and focuses on S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Education, Arts, Athletics, and Mathematics. 

In the capacity as a non-profit private school, CECI PSA encourages access to quality education opportunities that have the capacity to bring to conclusion the good intentions of a student, and balance in life experiences, while in preparation for eventual life eternal.  

CECI PSA & ISD has an academic alliance with Cathedral  St. Augustine's, a faith-based 501(c)3 Nonprofit Tax Exempt entity.

Effective Fall 2019, in alliance with a consortia of Historical Colleges and Universities ("Legacy Institutes") the CECI PSA  grades 8 - 12,  shall provide University  College Preparatory Institutes that include academic programs that  will enable advanced studies in Constitution Law, Pre-Law, Pre-Medicine, Aerospace Engineering, including Robotics and Drone Technology, and Nursing,  including CNA, LPN, LVN, RN,  Hospitality Management,  RSO Certification, Artificial Intelligence, and Heritage Legacy Management.  

The opportunity to install state of the art infrastructure  as a result of a federal funding opportunity provided effectively, enables the establishment of a “Virtual Private Broadcast Network” (VPBN) with the capacity to provide “Global Connectivity " that will empower unity of the educational communities served.  

Thus, expanding the school's outreach Nationwide to an additional 80 + Annexes and Consortia participants.  

CECI PSA current sponsor is St. Augustine's National Foundation and its education subsidiary, St. Augustine's Institutes, which has Authority as  granted by the Michigan Legislature to establish "Faculties" and operate as a new American University using an old right, the "Great Lakes Lutheran Church University Charter" that originated in 1921, that pre-dates the establishment of the Michigan Department of Education. ~*~



Dual Enrollment & Early Entrance Programs

Students Grades 8 - 12  eligible, make a  commitment to enroll into advanced education programs within an Early College Preparatory Institute .  

These programs combine high school-based and USA - UC campus-based dual credit for a structured pathway to high school graduation.  These course offerings are open to students currently enrolled  and attending schools that have a partnership with the USA - University Colleges  Preparatory Institute, including home-school.   

Students take one or two classes per semester  on campus of  the participating  21st Century  Learning  Center  affiliated University Colleges  Preparatory Institute.  Students have the option to attend  USA - UC full time during their senior year. 

  • Early College Certification: 30 Credit Option
  • Early College: Degree Option 60 Credits

A partnership between School Districts and USA - University Colleges  Early College enable students to earn earn college credits and certification  in recognition for achievement of entry level job skills  associated with a professional career program  goal of interest by the time they graduate from high school.

 Students will need only one-year full time at USA University College to finish the final 30 credits necessary to earn their associate degree.  Eligible  students will  have an opportunity to participate in an internship experiences and the University Colleges International Leadership Certification; LIC Program.

Legacy Institutions in a partneship alliance with the USA - UC provide quality academic education programs of study in professional careers of interest.  All course work offered is accredited by vitue of the National Accreditation Agency the Leacy Institution  that is affiliated.  

Dual Enrollment Program @ USA - University Colleges

Dual Enrollment is a program that allows high school juniors and seniors to earn college credit while still in high school.

The School Districts that represent schools participating as 21st Century Community Learning Centers provides tuition assistance consistent with specifications outlined in the USA - UC Early College and Career Preparation and College Completion Act of 2020.

USA - University Colleges courses selected must be credit-level courses and can be used to fulfill high school graduation requirements.

Classes that are offered on the campus at the 21st CCLC are LIVE STREAMED.  

As the instruction disseminated originates from the campuses of Legacy Institutions of Higher Education. 

Adjunct Faculty that presents the instruction are highly qualified and credentialed consistent with the standards of the National Accreditation Agency, and in compliance with the specifications of the educational partnership alliance with USA - University Colleges.

Eligible students may substitute the following: One college-level English course in literature or writing for one high school credit in English; one college-level science course for the third science credit; a college-level art credit to fulfill the core requirement; or a fourth math credit once the student has successfully completed Algebra II. 

All other coursework will be recorded as elective credits. The student’s percentage grade will be recorded on their high school transcript. The percentage will be used to calculate the student’s high school GPA and class rank.

Through the Advanced Credit Initiative, (ACI), USA - University Colleges staff and Counselor assigned to 21st CCLC in the School Districts  work closely together to help students develop long-term plans for combining Dual Enrollment and Advanced Placement (AP) credit into a package of credit that can shorten students’ time to a college degree.

Students have the potential of earning as many as half of the credits required in a USA - University Colleges degree program by taking Advanced Placement courses (around 30 credits) as well as up to 12 credits through Dual Enrollment courses.

A student can be within a semester of earning an Associate’s Degree by completing a set of AP and Dual Enrollment credits, or have several semester towards a baccalaureate degree at a variety of the four-year Legacy Institutions affiliated with USA - University Colleges.

To participate in Dual Enrollment, a high school student must comply with the requirements specified as follows:

  • Be a junior or senior and at least 15 years of age.
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher.
  • Meet with their school counselor to determine eligibility and discuss interests.
  • Obtain parental and school counselor approval.

All USA - University College courses students select to enroll in are offered via Live Streamed on the campus  of the 21st CCLC.

Once a student decides to enroll, a Student will meet with a USA University Colleges representative at their school, or make an appointment with the college representative to:

  • Complete and submit a USA University College application (new students only).

  • Take the ACCUPLACER  assessment in math and English, or opt out with SAT scores of 500 or above or a composite ACT score of 21 or above.

  • Submit a new dual enrollment certification form each semester. ~*~

Institutes Colleges Universities


Institutes & Colleges

Colleges and Faculties

  • College of Nursing
  • College of Hospitality Tourism & PGA Management
  • College of Engineering
  • College of Divinity & Seminary, Religion, Theology
  • College of Agricultural  Science
  • Carolina's Early College
  • College Preparatory Academy; "Upward Bound"
  • Research Center


Areas of Excellence

Institutes & Universities at St. Augustine's 

Cutting-edge instructional disciplines are hosted on the Virtual Campus at University Academic Educational Centers that are strategically located throughout the state of Michigan, New York, Mississippi.  As well, in the DC Region of the Nation's Capital, the Nation, and Internationally.  

State-Of-The-Art Simulation 

A hands-on training experience is featured that helps students nurses and doctors save lives and safeguard patients’ health.

Student Compliance Requirements

  • Admission   
  • N-E-T
  • Orientation



Admissions & Financial Aid

  • Institutional & Program Admission Requirements


  • Nursing; Registered Nurse & L.P.N; LVN, CNA
  • Hospitality, Tourism & PGA Management
  • Agricultural Science
  • School Resource Officer
  • Heritage Legacy Administration
  • College of Engineering; Robotics; Drone (DAV) Technology
  • Redeemer Theological Seminary 
  • Cathedral's College of Divinity, Religion, Theology
  • College of Law
  • College Preparatory Institutes; Dual Enrollment; Advance Preparation Learning Institutes


                               *  Pre - Nursing 

                               * Pre - Dentistry

                               * Pre- Hospitality Management 

                               * Pre - Engineering 

                               * Pre - Medicine