Registered Nurse Program


Registered Nurse & Licensed Practical Nurse Professional Programs have National Accreditation recognition.

Legacy Instutions of Higher Eduation disseminate instruction Lived Stream to Virtual Classroms.

Global and National Instructors renowned in the Nursing profession lead discussions, and interact with students. 


Registration & Financial Aid

Eligible students, enrolled, registered, may attend the 10-week courses that are designed with students’ goals in mind.

The instructor-led courses are delivered using St. Augustine's PBN,    "Smart Tech"; a facilitated teaching approach designed  to engage students and encourage interaction and active  participation. 

Courses are competitively priced and available in the Fall,  Spring,  and   Summer  semesters.


All   eligible students   pursuing   a   health-based   education   now   take    instructor-led prerequisites   in  Virtual   Classrooms.



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