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Together,  let us rediscover  the rich history of the  University St.Augustine's  & Institutes of Medicine" (USA)   —  As we journey through the largest archival collection of historical documents preserved by Cathedral St. Augustine's  e-Library comprising  the 

University St. Augustine's   Historical   Institute,  and the Lutheran  Church Libraries and Museums.                                        

Institutional Profiles


"University St. Augustine's & Institues of Medicine"


DLEG Registration 1936

 Detroit, MI


U.S. Federal Court Authorized: January 9,1985

HBCU Designation: U.S. Presidential Executive Order:

 January 15, 1985 

Extension Services: Meharry College, LLC January 9, 1985 

Diocese Member Affiliation Status: AAMC and COGIC

Ecumenical & Interreligious Relations and Affiliates:  

The Episcopal – Presbyterian - Lutheran Church; 1987

The Board of Regents Commissioned: August 17, 1987

Commission on Higher Education & Ministry: November 1,1987 

University St. Augustine's & Institutes of Medicine 

 January 15,1985   9.17.2019


University St. Augustine's 

Institutes of Medicine"; Organizational Profile 5.12.2017

           Institutes, Colleges, Universities January 15, 1985               

Institutes, Colleges, Universities

Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod 1840   

Evangelical Lutheran Synod Conference of North America

The First Rosa; Pre K - 12   

The National Academy of Science and Human Relations, Inc.

Michigan Lutheran College; Shaw College At Detroit; 1936 

Encyclopedia of Alabama;  Rosa Young; 1915 - 1961

 MI Legislature Proprietary Schools Registry; 1936 | 2004

Michigan Lutheran College 

Michigan Lutheran Seminary; 1885 

Michigan Synod. 4.1840  

High Schools 1910 | 1912

Parish Education

Michigan Lutheran College Dedication 1966

Shaw College At Detroit Incorporated; 1936

City of Detroit - HBCU  Resolution 

St. Augustine's University  - 6-28-1989 


Caroline Education Community International Private School Academy

*  Our Lady Ana-Carolina School of Excellence

* After School Enrichment Services

*  International Christian Academy;  A University Preparatory School

* Jordan Powell White House Preparatory Academy

U.S. Federal Court Proprietary School Authority: January 9,1985 

* PSA MDE Registered; July 2, 2004


* MI Governor Executive Order  NOVEMBER 2003 


PSA Education Services Administration

Lutheran Church Education Charter 

 Pro-gymnasium High School est. 1909/ 1910 - 1912   

 Michigan Lutheran Seminary est.; 1885



St. Augustine's National Foundation

Organized as St. Augustine's University Foundation: August 1982,  

A Michigan Non-profit Public Corporation

IRS 501 (c)3 Tax Exempt Authorization: January 1983

Historical Prospectus, Fiscal Sponsor, Governance & Beneficiary:  

Institutes, Schools, Churches, Colleges, Seminary, & University



University Corporate Offices:  Washington DC; November 5, 1994

Institutes & Universities at St. Augustine's


Legacy Universities at St. Augustine's 

Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing

Saint Paul's College

CM&I College

UMES Extension Services:   Since August 17, 2010

 Legacy Institutes at St. Augustine's 

 The Redeemer's Theological Seminary

CECI PSA;  International Christian Academy: Since  2004

Our Lady Ana-Carolina School of Excellence: 

A Collegiate Preparatory Academy

University College & 21st Century  Community Learning Centers

UC - 21st CCLC


University St. Augustine's College of Law


Old Wayne County Building St. Augustine's CDC

Owner of Record;8.14.20

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